Honorary Pack Member

Titan Honorary Dog Toy Tester

Titan the Pit Bull

Name: Titan Breed: Pit Bull Tough Dog Tested Credentials: Titan is a strong jawed toy destroying machine! With his large mouth he grabs on and tries to crush dog toys until they are weak and then he starts a relentless chewing attack. Recent Dog Toy Tested: Ethical Pets Play Strong Rubber Dog Bone  

Malcom Honorary Pack Membeer

Malcolm the Mastiff Mix

Name: Malcolm Breed: Mastiff Mix Tough Dog Tested Credentials: Malcolm is a big strong boy! Weighing in at over 115lbs this big puppy introduces his massive jaws to every dog toy he can. No matter how strong the toy claims to be, Malcolm's superior strength always seems to find a way to prove the claim [...]

May Tough Dog Honorary Member

May the Shepherd Mix Honorary Pack Member

Name: May Breed: German Shepherd Mix Tough Dog Tested Credentials: May is very sneaky! When introduced to a new dog toy May will act rather disinterested. Just at the time when the toy thinks it is in the clear, that's when May strikes! She finds the weakest part of the toy and starts pulling away [...]

Tough Dog Cooper with Coach Addie

Cooper the Pit Bull Honorary Pack Member

  Name: Cooper (pictured with Cat Coach Addie) Breed: Pit Bull Tough Dog Tested Credentials: Don't let Cooper's cuteness fool you! Cooper uses his cuteness to lure toys into a sense of safety. Once a toy feels secure Cooper's Tough Dog instincts and training kick in and weak dog toys don't stand a chance! Cooper [...]

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