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The Tough Dog Tested Pack is always looking for new members to help rate dog toys. If your dog is tough and has a history of putting toys to the test, then let us know about it! Send an email to info@ToughDogTested.com or fill out the Contact Us Form and let us know why you think your dog should be an Honorary Pack Member. If your dog is chosen you may be asked to help us rate dog toys!

Cooper the Pit Bull Honorary Pack Member


Tough Dog Cooper with Coach Addie

Name: Cooper (pictured with Cat Coach Addie)Cooper Ready to Destroy Tennis Ball

Breed: Pit Bull

Tough Dog Tested Credentials: Don’t let Cooper’s cuteness fool you! Cooper uses his cuteness to lure toys into a sense of safety. Once a toy feels secure Cooper’s Tough Dog instincts and training kick in and weak dog toys don’t stand a chance! Cooper trains regularly on the art of deception with his Cat Coach Addie and Siberian Husky brother Blaze.

Recently Tested Toys: Ruff Dawg Peanut, Ruff Dawg Flyer, Ruff Dawg Stick

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