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The Tough Dog Tested Pack is always looking for new members to help rate dog toys. If your dog is tough and has a history of putting toys to the test, then let us know about it! Send an email to info@ToughDogTested.com or fill out the Contact Us Form and let us know why you think your dog should be an Honorary Pack Member. If your dog is chosen you may be asked to help us rate dog toys!

Malcolm the Mastiff Mix

Malcom Honorary Pack MembeerName: Malcolm

Breed: Mastiff Mix

Tough Dog Tested Credentials: Malcolm is a big strong boy! Weighing in at over 115lbs this big puppy introduces his massive jaws to every dog toy he can. No matter how strong the toy claims to be, Malcolm’s superior strength always seems to find a way to prove the claim wrong.

Recently Tested Toys: Nerf Rubber Ball

From the Owner: “I am looking for a toy, any toy, that last longer than 5 minutes with him.
He tears everyone up, even the ones titled “tough” in minutes.
The latest was a Nerf rubber ball.  He goes for the squeaker and knows
exactly where it is and how to rip it out.
Once the squeaker is out, he is done with it or just continues to rip it up.”


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