Bad Cuz Dog Toy

Bad Cuz Dog Toy Tough Dog TestedDog Toy: Bad Cuz

Maker: JW Pet Company

Squeaker: Yes

Tough Dog Testers: Khan and Niko

Entertainment Rating: 3 of 4 paws

Durability Rating: 2 of 4 paws

Overall Value: 3 of 4 paws

“Tail” of the Toy: Khan and Niko took to the Bad Cuz right from the start! With a hard rubber feel to the Bad Cuz the Tough Dog Tested team had high hopes for this toy. However, within minutes both Khan and Niko had pulled off the ears and legs and were quickly making holes to get at the squeaker.

The hopes of having a durable long lasting toy were fading fast when each dog removed the squeaker. Fearing the rest of the toy would be destroyed soon, the Tough Dog Tested team could do nothing but watch. Then an unexpected turn of events occurred. With the squeaker removed both dogs brought their attack to a halt. This was not however the end of their interest in the Bad Cuz, more of a transformation. Niko and Khan began to play with the toy just like it was a ball. Niko brought it over to play fetch and Khan began to just carry it around like some sort of prize.

After the initial destruction the Bad Cuz toy has lasted for a few months only sustaining the occasional hole widening where the squeaker was forcefully removed.

The Bad Cuz wasn’t the strongest or most durable toy the Tough Dog Tested Pack has ever encountered. After all parts were ripped off within minutes, but it did happen to win their hearts over and last for months as a favorite dog toy. Because of that the Bad Cuz has been Tough Dog Tested and Approved!


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