Crunch and Crackle Dog Chew Toy

Dog Toy Name: Crunch and CrackleCrunch and Crackle Dog Chew Toy
Maker of Dog Toy: Four Paws

Squeaker: Yes

Stuffing: Similar to a plastic bottle

Tough Dog Tester: Khan and Niko

Toughness Rating: 1 of 4 Paws

Overall Value: 1 of 4 Paws

“Tail” of the Toy: While at a local pet store the Crunch and Crackle dog toy stood out from the rest. The toy has a tough look and it makes the bold claim of “virtually indestructible”. So of course the Tough Dog Tested Pack had to put that claim to the test! Right off the bat the dogs were very interested in the Crunch and Crackle. Between the squeaker and the plastic bottle like crunch Niko and Khan seemed to be really enjoy chewing on the toy. However, that joy was very short lived. Within a matter of minutes the “virtually indestructible” toy was shredded! In fact, out of all the dog toys tested by the Tough Dog Tested Pack, the Crunch and Crackle was one of the quickest to be destroyed.


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