Galileo Dog Toy

Toy Name: Galileo

Tough Dog Toy Galileo by Nylabone

Maker: Nylabone

Squeaker: No

Stuffing: No

Tough Dog Tested by: Niko, Khan, Tater Tot

Toughness Rating: 4 Paws

Overall Value: 4 of 4 Paws

“Tail” of the Toy: Coming into this match the Tough Dog Tested Pack had an impressive win streak! The stench of arrogance had started to surround the Tough Dog Tested Pack. Rumors had started to stir that there might not be a toy that could match the toughness of this pack. Those rumors were quickly put to bed on chilly fall night in February.

The proud, some would say cocky, pack leisurely strode to the ring anticipating a slaughter just like so many matches before. However the challenger, Galileo by Nylabone, had other thoughts in mind.

The bell rang and Galileo was thrown in the middle of the Tough Dog Tested Pack. With almost a grin on his face Niko quickly grabbed the toy expecting a quick victory to put under his collar. But within moments the crowd could tell something was different about this plain looking competitor. Galileo wasn’t going down without a fight!

Noticing that Niko was struggling to even make a dent in the dog toy, Tater Tot jumped in to give her sharp teeth and vicious prey shake a shot. There was only one problem, this dog toy had a secret weapon in how much it weighed. Tater Tot tried as hard as she could but her prey shake wasn’t working and her sharp teeth were making slow work of the dog toy.

Niko and Tater Tot were stunned by the power of the Galileo dog toy. As they began to regroup and strategize, Khan through them aside and dove into the fight! Khan’s powerful jaws have made many dog toys seem as tough as wet paper and the Tough Dog Tested Pack was hopeful the big man would pull through once again and claim victory.

Khan kept a relentless attack of pure power going on the Galileo dog toy for what seemed liked hours. However, it soon became clear, the Galileo dog toy was going to triumph over the Tough Dog Tested Pack.

The Galileo dog toy took down the arrogant Tough Dog Tested pack on that cold day in winter in a battle the pack won’t soon forget! Here we are eight months later and the Galileo dog toy is still holding strong. The Galileo has taken a few bruises and battle scars but it continues to fight on. The Galileo has earned the title of Tough Dog Tested Approved!


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