Good Cuz Dog Toy

Good Cuz Tough Dog Tested

Toy Name: Good Cuz

Maker: JW Pet Company

Squeaker: Yes

Tough Dog Testers: Khan and Niko

Entertainment Rating: 3 of 4 paws (at first)

Durability Rating: 2 of 4 paws

Overall Value: 3 of 4 paws

“Tail” of the Toy: The same fate fell to the Good Cuz as the Bad Cuz. The legs were torn off in under a minute and shredded by the dogs. The Good Cuz though doesn’t have ears like the Bad Cuz so once the legs were gone it was basically a squeaky ball. Of course this meant the squeaker was in immediate danger of being attacked by some strong jaws. Within a few more minutes the squeaker had been disabled and had fallen into the open center of the Good Cuz creating a good size hole where the squeaker had originally rested. Now this once fun squeaking rubber character is a mere rubber ball with a hole. Luckily for the Good Cuz the Tough Dog Tested Pack has temporarily lost interest in its destruction and instead want to use it as a ball for fetch. I imagine that sooner or later the remainder of the Good Cuz will be picked apart by one of the Tough Dog Tested Pack members but for now the toy seems to be proving itself as a source of lasting entertainment and value.


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