Goughnut Rubber Dog Chew Toy

Toy Name: Goughnut Black Maxx Rubber Chew ToyGoughnut Dog Chew Toy

Maker of Dog Toy: Goughnut

Squeaker: No

Stuffing: No

Tough Dog Tester: Khan and Niko

Toughness Rating: 4 of 4 Paws

Overall Value: 4 of 4 Paws

Tail of the Toy”: As Khan approaches the ring for the highly anticipated duel with the Goughnut he looks rather laid back and relaxed. There is no fear in his eyes as he sizes up his opponent. Unknown to Khan the Goughnut’s plain appearance is part of this toys brilliant defense mechanism. Many dogs before Khan have made the same mistake of underestimating this simple looking toy.

As the bout begins Khan, the enforcer of the Tough Dog Tested Pack, immediately goes for powerful death bite in hopes of snapping theKhan with Goughnut Dog Toy toy in two. The Goughnut lays back and absorbs the bite without flinching! Khan then launches into a seemingly never ending killer combination of power bites and prey shakes. Relentlessly attacking Khan is determined to show the Goughnut who is the king of the ring. After what seems like hours, Khan gives up and tags Niko in for a shot at tough foe.

Niko begins a combination series of holding the Goughnut down and tugging followed by tosses into the air. The Goughnut holds strong! Eventually Niko is forced to throw in the towel there by declaring victory to the undamaged Goughnut.

In the months that follow the Goughnut has continued to hold strong despite repeated surprise attacks from the Tough Dog Tested Pack. The Goughnut has yet to show even a scratch! The Goughnut is truly Tough Dog Tested and Approved!

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