Monkey Mark Dog Toy

Maker: Nylabone

Toy Name: Duratoy Fill-a-Bellie Monkey Mark Dog Toy

Squeaker: Yes

Stuffing: Some

Tough Dog Tested Pack Tester: Khan and Tater Tot

Toughness Rating: 1 of 4 Paws

Overall Value: 1 of 4 Paws

“Tail” of the Toy: This lovable little Monkey with his colorful outfit and free flying limbs and tail had no idea what he was walking into. Monkey Mark appeared tougher than your normal plain stuffed dog toy. He had opted out of having stuffing throughout his body and instead had an opening in which bones and treats could be placed. Monkey Mark thought his bright exterior and non fluffy toy body would keep him safer than the normal stuffed dog toy. He thought wrong!

The bright colors accompanied with the non-stuffed free flowing limbs drew immediate attention of Khan’s overactive prey drive. The smooth talking fancy monkey didn’t even have time to try and win the Tough Dog Tested Pack over with his charm. Before a sound came out of the colorful Monkey Mark dog toy Khan’s powerful jaws were closing down around his body, which soon went limp. Khan seemingly frustrated with the lack of stuffing in the toy for him to chomp down on decided to take a different approach to his brutal attack. Holding the defenseless Monkey Mark down with his paws Khan began to rip limb after colorful limb from the now confetti looking toy. Satisfied with his dismemberment Khan gave the monkey dog toy up to his little sidekick Tater Tot. Her mini prey shakes quickly finished off what was left of the once proud colorful Monkey Mark.

Khan and Tater Tot seemed to have some fun with the Monkey Mark dog toy but it was short lived. Monkey Mark is not Tough Dog Tested Approved!


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