Rhino Chew by Nylabone

Dog Toy: Rhino Chew Rhino Chew Dog Toy by Nylabone

Maker of Dog Toy: Nylabone

Dog Toy’s Claim: Premium Strength Rubber “When only the best will do…”

Squeaker: No

Stuffing: No

Tough Dog Tester: Niko, Khan, and Guest

Toughness Rating: 2.5 of 4 paws

Overall Value: 2 of 4 paws

Dog Toy Review: The Rhino Chew dog toy took a little time to draw the attention of the Tough Dog Tested Pack. Once the Rhino Chew was noticed it was played with in steaks on and off for a while. The Toughness Rating of 2.5 was earned by initially holding up against multiple sessions by a few different dogs over a decent length of time. The Rhino Chew didn’t score any higher on the Toughness Rating though because once it started to get torn apart in small pieces, it went quickly. Once a toy starts getting to a point in which it can be ingested the fight is called.

The Rhino Chew received an Overall Value rating of 2 of 4 paws. This rating was due to a decent Toughness Rating but was limited by it’s price. For the Rhino’s price tag the dog toy should have lasted longer or been a more reliably interesting toy for the Pack. If your dog is a big fan of rubber dog toys, then this one might be worth a shot. However, if you are looking for an extremely tough dog toy at a good value, then you may want to move on.

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