Square Ball Dog Toy

Toy Name: Square Ball

Maker: Ruffwear

Squeaker: No

Stuffing: No

Tough Dog Tested by: Khan and Niko

Toughness Rating:

Overall Value: 2 of 4 Paws

“Tail of the Toy”: After a long line of dog toys meeting their demise at the jaws of the Tough Dog Tested Pack a new challenger emerged; the Square Ball by Ruffwear. The bright orange Square Ball came to the ring confidently but awkwardly rolling to meet the Tough Dog Tested Pack. With plenty of fan fare backing the Square Ball this battle was poised to be legendary. Not taking the well spoken of Square Ball lightly, the entire Tough Dog Tested Pack was called upon to engage this hardened foe.

As the lights dimmed the Tough Dog Tested Pack paced back and forth while offering various behaviors in an attempt to get first crack at the new dog toy. After enough drool had hit the floor as if in slow motion the fight began! The Square Ball started with a rather unorthodox maneuver by jumping into the middle of the three awaiting predators. The roaring crowd could only stand, watch, and wait for what they thought would be the inevitable fate of the Square Ball. Tensions were high as the Pack sniffed and planned how to attack the awkwardly shaped dog toy.

Then to the crowds absolute amazement something extraordinary happened! All three dogs of the Tough Dog Tested Pack….. moved on to other toys. There the Square Ball sat collecting dust in sort of a monument to boredom.

Various approaches were tried in an effort to revive the fight including stuffing the Square Ball with treats. For a brief moment there was a glimmer of hope that the battle would in fact ensue. After weeks of being around the Tough Dog Tested Pack the Square Ball dog toy has survived quite well. The Square Ball’s survival is believed to be mostly due to the toys strong boredom defense.

The Square Ball dog toy does get some credit for the audience believed the toy would offer some challenging fun to the right strong jawed dog.


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