Stuffed Duck Dog Toy

Maker: Hartz

Squeaker: Yes

Tough Dog Tested Pack Tester: Tater Tot

Toughness Rating: 1 of 4 Paws

Overall Value: 1 of 4 Paws

“Tail” of the Toy: It was warm night at the beginning of June. The sun was starting to set and the Tough Dog Tested Pack was getting ready to begin their night. Then across the room appeared a stuffed duck dog toy, Tater Tot took notice. Without a second thought of her own safety the small but vicious Tater Tot was on top of the stuffed duck. An epic battle ensued!

The smallest of the Tough Dog Tested Pack went straight for her signature move, the mini-prey shake. In between the little growls a fury of squeaks erupted from the stuffed duck. The squeaks proved to be a fatal mistake for the stuffed duck by inspiring an even deeper passion for destruction from the mighty Tot. Moments later Tater Tot had the stuffed duck’s neck under her paws and with a thunderous growl she pulled and relieved the stuffed duck of its head. With a decapitated stuffed duck lying helpless on the floor Tater Tot zeroed in on the squeaker. It was only a matter of time before Tot stopped the squeaker from ever squeaking again.

With the squeaker of the stuffed duck deflated on the ground surrounded by what was once the stuffing for the duck, we had to throw the towel in. A victorious Tater Tot proudly carried the carcass off to its final resting place.

The stuffed duck dog toy proved no match for the Tough Dog Tested Pack!

Stuffed Duck Dog Toy Tough Dog Tested


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