Tennis Ball Dog Toy

Maker: Penn Tennis Ball

Squeaker: NoTennis Ball Tough Dog Tested

Tough Dog Tested Pack Tester: Khan

Entertainment Level: 2 of 4 paws

Toughness Rating: 1 of 4 paws

Overall Value: 1 of 4 paws

“Tail” of the Toy: We didn’t have high hopes for the tennis ball but in the spirit of fairness we gave it a shot. The tennis ball had a high entertainment value and worked great as a toy as long as I kept using it for a game of fetch.

Tough Dog Tested Pack Dog Khan and the Tennis Ball Remains

However, if I stopped playing for even a moment, then Tough Dog Tested Pack Enforcer Khan would start chomping away at the weak ball. Finally I let Khan have at it just to see how long the tennis ball would last and within minutes the ball was in pieces.

The tennis ball proved to be a good toy for fetch and very short play times. In the end though, the tennis ball just didn’t have what it takes to stand up to the powerful jaws of the Tough Dog Tested Pack.


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