Tuffy Ultimate Gear Ring

Dog Toy Name: Tuffy Ultimate Gear Ring Tuffy Ultimate Gear Ring Soft Dog Toy

Maker of Dog Toy: VIP Products

Dog Toy’s Claim: “Worlds Tuffest Soft Dog Toy”

Squeaker: Multiple

Stuffing: Yes

Tough Dog Tester: Khan

Toughness Rating: 1 of 4 Paws

Overall Value: 1 of 4 Paws

Dog Toy Review: The Tuffy Ultimate Gear Ring carries the claim of being the “World’s Tuffest Soft Dog Toy”. Well we are unable to test every soft dog toy in the world to verify this claim, but the Tough Dog Tested Pack has their doubts. The Tuffy Ultimate Ring comes with a self rating toughness level of 9, which according to VIP Products, the maker of the toy, means the toy is “extremely strong – extremely durable”. This claim we were able to put to the test!

Within a matter of moments the claim was proven extremely false! Upon the first few bites from Khan the stitching ripped and he began pulling out the stuffing followed quickly by a couple of the squeakers. In under 3 minutes Khan had completely destroyed this toy to the point there was toy debris and stuffing covering the ground. Khan seemed to have a blast ripping it apart but averaging out to about $5/minute of dog toy entertainment seemed a bit much. Therefore Tough Dog Tested does not recommend the Tuffy Ultimate Gear Ring for any Tough Dogs!

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