Tough Dog Tested Pack

Meet the Official Dog Toy Testers


Khan Tough Dog Tested Pack Dog Toy TesterName: Khan

Breed: German Shepherd

Tough Dog Credentials: Khan is a true working dog and is the muscle of the Tough Dog Tested Pack.  As a young boy Khan was originally trained to work as a Police K9 specializing in narcotics detection and protection/criminal apprehension.  Bite work is now mostly an occasional hobby for Khan, instead he uses those powerful jaws to test the worthiness of dog toys.


Niko Tough Dog Tested Dog Toy TesterName: Niko

Breed: German Shepherd / Border Collie

Tough Dog Tested Credentials: Niko is the brains of the operation! Niko was originally trained for narcotics detection and search and rescue. From there he went on to master commands in 3 languages. Using his superior intellect he analyzes dog toys for the weakest point and then strikes without mercy.  Taking advantage of his nearly endless energy Niko is able to keep attacking a toy until it cries uncle.


Tater Tot Tough Dog Tested Pack Dog Toy Tester

Name: Tater Tot

Breed: Norwich Terrier / Bloodhound / Rottweiler (according to the DNA test at least)

Tough Dog Tested Credentials: Don’t let the name fool you, this is one tough potato!  Tater Tot was brought in by animal control after living on her own in the wild. Once captured she was put on death row for aggression. After going through a long hard rehabilitation program her sentenced was commuted.  Now on a work release program Tater Tot uses her cuteness to lure in unsuspecting dog toys.  Once in her grasp the toys suffer from an onslaught of precision thread pulling and mini-prey shakes until their squeaker squeaks no more.


Tough Dog

Name: ?  (Your Pup’s Name Here)

Breed: ?

 Tough Dog Tested Credentials: Let us know why your dog deserves to be part of the Tough Dog Tested Pack! Tell us a story of how a dog toy stood up to your strong chewer and we may choose your dog to be an honorary member of the Tough Dog Tested Pack and your story could be featured.


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